Freedom Ministries is active through faith in God for financial needs. It is also a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

If you would like to make a donation that would go to furthering this work please use the following steps:

  • Whether by mail or donating online please remember that if you would like for this support to go to a specific missionary or project please fill this out with the memo area available.
  • You can donate online by using the PayPal link on this page.
  • For mailing donations please either send a check or money order made out to ‘Freedom Ministries’.

Mailing Donations:
Please Send to:
Freedom Ministries
P.O. Box 838
Raymondville, Texas 78580

Any donation given to this ministry does not represent payment for goods or services rendered. Therefore the refund policy for these donations is that the funds will be received from the donor with no refund possible.

ATTENTION: In the box below please specify the name of which missionary or project you would like your one time donation to go to. For new recurring donations please also send an email to with your instructions. Thank you for your support!

Please specify donation here:

This button link will take you to PayPal for Freedom Ministries.