Culture – Mexico

In the country of Mexico two separate cultures exist, the Mestizos and the Indigenas. Each is counted by the laws and constitution as citizens. The calling of Freedom Ministries in Mexico is to work with the Indigena tribes who do not have the Gospel.

The Indigena population of Mexico is roughly ten million people. They are a people who only until recent history were living in slavery. Although now having rights and freedom they are generally looked down upon and mistreated.

They are mostly subsistence farmers. The crops mainly consist of corn, beans, chilies and some fruits like bananas and oranges. After storing the harvest necessary for their families the rest is sold in local markets for supplies.

Of the Indigena tribes being reached are the Nahuatl, Otomi, Tseltal and Huasteco. These are only a few of the many tribes. They are a very spiritually minded people but need someone to bring them the Spirit of God.

These people need Jesus. They now live enslaved to alcoholism, poverty, idolatry and witchcraft. Only the power of the Gospel and the Holy Ghost will make a marked difference for these people.